Whiteoak Underwriting

A more dynamic site to better reflect the nature of the business

The brief

The business had aspirations to grow and needed a website that presented a stronger and more dynamic proposition, one that resonated with the audience segments and offered a tailored and relevant user journey.

Our Approach

We focused on identifying the needs of the target audiences to map what of the Whiteoak Underwriting proposition would offer the most value. This was used to present the most relevant information in a succinct and direct way, maximising the likelihood of generating leads.


A conversational tone was introduced with a minimal and intuitive approach to the navigation. Product pages were designed to be flexible, catering to the assets that were available at the time of launch, and to allow for the quick and easy insertion of additional assets as they were created. The site remained predominantly white and green however, a real focus went into how the colours were used and applied to keep it interesting and varied.


Everyone has their own opinions and personal preferences when it comes to website design. Therefore it is important to consider not just what you like, but what the majority of your audience will like. We have extensive experience in delivering websites that offer an authentic but equally aspirational platform to move your business forwards.

If you believe your website could work harder we’re here to help you get more from it.