Sirius Point

A holding page to set the scene

The brief

As part of a full global brand identity project (see more on this here) we had to design and build a single landing page that utilised the unique illustrations, while communicating the core positioning and proposition of the business.

Our Approach

While only a single page, the key information is presented in an engaging an interesting way that received positive feedback from internal and external audiences. The next phase of the project is already underway to design and build a full website that represents the truly global scale of the business. For this and for the current single page site it maintaining the personality and originality is essential.



Everyone has their own opinions and personal preferences when it comes to website design. Therefore it is important to consider not just what you like, but what the majority of your audience will like. We have extensive experience in delivering websites that offer an authentic but equally aspirational platform to move your business forwards.

If you believe your website could work harder we’re here to help you get more from it.